Did you know that the outside of your home, your lawn and trees, is the most environmentally important aspect of your property? Just a 50 by 50 feet area of your lawn absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, and other pollutants and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.

A healthy dense lawn absorbs rainfall six times more effectively than wheatfield, trapping dirt and dust, preventing pollutants from entering ground water, and stopping erosion.

An average size lawn has the cooling effect of about three home size central air conditioners. As you can see, your lawn and trees not only provide economic and aesthetic value to your home, but also play an important role in our environment.

Have you used or considered using lawn service, but didn’t feel it was worth the money? Is someone spraying or sprinkling chemicals on your lawn and just leaving the bill on your door? Do you feel you deserve more for your lawn care investment?

My company has more to offer you than this. For no charge and no obligation, I will evaluate your lawn and landscaping and provide you several options for the level of service that will fit your needs and budget. Utilizing an integrated lawn management approach and providing the necessary nutrients, you can have beautiful, healthy turf and landscaping in an environmentally friendly way, at about the same cost as conventional lawn care.

Please give me a call at (316) 943-2903 if this is a service you would be interested in.