Tree Injection


CUSTOMWISE specializes in Mauget Micro Injection. Microinjection is a very precise and direct method of delivering needed pesticides and nutrients to trees, developed by the J.J Mauget Company in 1963.

The closed-system injection method provided by the Mauget system delivers the exact dose of systematic chemical required for the problem directly to the sap stream of the tree. There is no loss of active ingredient to the soil, drift or runoff and no risk of pesticide exposure to people and animals. The treatment takes just minutes and the active ingredients begin to work immediately.

Tree care professionals around the world are trained to apply microinjection treatments by the Mauget Company. The Mauget product line includes fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, and combinations of active ingredients. The Mauget technique has been university tested and field proven during 50 years of use.

It provides the most direct treatment with the least exposure and waste. Valuable, sick trees can be treated individually in minutes without disruption to property owners or the public.

The advantages of microinjection are:

1) Effective – controls a wide range of tree pests.

2) Delivers scientifically determined dosage uniformly to all parts of tree. No spot left untreated.

3) Can be applied in any kind of weather on wide range of trees.

4) Safe – no chemical outside the tree – closed system reducing possibility of contamination to the environment.

5) Long lasting – rain or wind won’t affect control.

6) Eliminates chance of spotting to cars, windows, lawn furniture, etc.

7) Tree height, no problem.

CUSTOMWISE also offers root feeding and iron treatments for chlorotic trees.