IPM or Integrated Pest Management


Welcome to CUSTOMWISE, the environmentally friendly way to beautiful, healthy turf and trees.

What sets CUSTOMWISE apart from the other lawn and tree services is IPM or Integrated Pest Management.

IPM has been used for many years in Agricultural and Horticulture fields. Many homeowners are not aware of this environmentally sound approach to healthy turf and trees, which tailors services to your property’s needs.

Integrated Pest Management is an approach for the control of weeds, disease and insects that utilizes regular monitoring to determine if and when treatments are needed. Employing physical, mechanical, cultural, biological, and educational tactics, pest numbers are kept low enough to prevent intolerable damage or annoyance. Chemical controls are used only when necessary.

The CUSTOMWISE program provides all the nutrients for beautiful, healthy turf and trees. Each service visit includes a thorough examination of your lawn and landscape. Treatments for pests are made only when monitoring has indicated that the pest will cause unacceptable economical or aesthetic damage. Solutions are chosen and timed to be most effective with the utmost concern for your property and our environment.

CUSTOMWISE uses only enviromentally safe granular fertilizers, custom blended without phosphorous, with drought friendly controlled release nutrients providing healthier greener turf.

Thank you for considering CUSTOMWISE for the care of your lawn and trees. After all, your home and our environment deserve nothing less.