Yellow Netsedge

Yellow Nutsedge, the most common sedge in the Wichita area, is neither a grassy or broadleaf weed and does not respond to most herbicides.

Thick healthy turf and occasional pulling of weeds are very effective and environmentally sound ways to control weeds in turf. However, unfortunately, neither work in controlling Nutsedge. In fact, pulling Nutsedge can actually cause it to spread more.

Controlling Nutsedge requires multiple treatments of a very expensive herbicide. For CustomWise customers on the Premium or Standard service, this special herbicide will be applied at no additional charge during summer treatments. For customers on the Basic service or customers who want supplemental treatments, there will be an additional charge based on the amount of Nutsedge in your lawn. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the proper conditions for this treatment to be effective; i.e., lawn cannot be mowed several days prior to or 24 hours after treatment. Multiple treatments are required.