Why CustomWise


Why should you consider CustomWise Turf & Tree? What makes CustomWise different than all the other lawn and tree companies?

1) Experience: I have been in the lawn and tree care business for over 40 years, more than 25 years here in Wichita. For almost 20 of those years I worked for large lawn and tree care companies before starting my own business over 20 years ago. I have walked across well over 100,000 lawns and worked with thousands of customers. On those rare occasions when I do not know the answer to a turf or tree problem – I have the resources and know the people that can assist me in finding the solution.

2) Size of Company: For the 20 years when I worked for large lawn and tree care companies, I ended up spending most of my time fighting fires. It seemed like the number one goal of these companies was to acquire as many customers as possible and sell them as many services as they could. As a result, most of my time was not spent working with customers and customers were not getting what they paid for. When I started my own business I wanted something different. That’s why I have intentionally kept my company small. I don’t have a fleet of trucks and an army of employees to be concerned about. My time and energy is spent on you – the customer!

3) Type of Care: My goal, while working with my customers in managing their lawn and trees, is to figure out a way of meeting the customer’s objective with the least amount of service. I accomplish this by employing integrated pest management and common sense. As a small business owner I work very hard for my income. When I purchase a product or service – I want what I paid for! I operate under the premise that all of my customers want the same.

4) Catering to Homeowners: A very big part of the “American Dream” is to be a homeowner. I understand this – I’m a homeowner, too. I relate to and understand homeowners and because of this the focus of my business is residential. Yes, I do some commercial work – only if I know the owner of the property. The main part of my business will always be catering to you  the homeowner!


Bill Wise  –  Owner