Trees and Ornamentals


Prior to the 21st century, South Central Kansas was wide-open prairie covered with native grasses. Few trees grew in this area except along rivers and streams. Only with the development of the city were trees and shrubs introduced.

Unlike lawns, where there are only 4 to 5 types of cultivated grasses to select, each property can have a wide range of trees and ornamentals. With this wide variety of plant material, much of it not native to this area, the best approach to healthy plants is to consistently monitor their progress and treat only when necessary.

Beginning with the initial consultation, and continuing with each scheduled nutrient treatment, a thorough examination is made of all your trees and shrubs. If a treatment is necessary to control a pest, it will be discussed with you first.

It is important to remember that most damage to plants is not caused by pests but severe environmental conditions and most pest activity only causes aesthetic damage and is not life threatening. Three notable exceptions where pests are life threatening to trees and ornamentals.

Spidermites and Bagworms:
These two insect pests, with their ability to reproduce and resistance to natural predators, can infest quickly and strip the life from your shrubs.

An extremely difficult insect to control because they live in the plant. CUSTOMWISE does offer a treatment for this pest and strongly encourages planting trees and ornamentals not vulnerable to this insect.

Pine Tip Blight:
Pines are not native to Kansas and are susceptible to Pine Tip Blight, a life threatening disease. Two preventable fungicide treatments in the spring are recommended as new growth emerges.

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