What is required for Field Sandbur (sticker) control is extreme perseverance in two areas:

1.)    The foundation of sticker control is an extremely thick lawn. Nothing will work unless this occurs first. This requires planting the right grass for the property (sunny or shady) – and then very intense maintenance – correct watering (You’ll need a sprinkler system) mowing and fertilizing – if any bare spots or thin areas occur for any reason – they must be repaired right away. Maintaining a thick lawn in Wichita Kansas requires a never ending commitment and continual financial resources.

2.)    Next step in controlling the stickers – once a thick lawn has been established and maintained, is using the correct herbicides.  Stickers are a grass. If you apply grass killers to your lawn – you’ll end up with no lawn – no lawn provides a wonderful opportunity for stickers to flourish and take over. This is a very common mistake do it yourselfers make all the time and why stickers become worse. The correct herbicide for stickers is a Preemergent labeled for this weed (most Preemergent herbicides are not labeled for sticker control – only one or two very expensive Preemergent herbicides work on stickers). This special Preemergent must be applied at the highest recommended rate – it must be applied at least 2 to 3 times a year – and it must be applied year after year after year.

Some areas of Wichita have a very bad sticker problem – If you drive around in the summer and look at the common ground and parking areas in Benjamin Hills – Indian Hills – Twin lakes – Orchard Park, and other sandy soil areas of Wichita – you will see massive infestations of stickers –  NOTE: The sticker is the seed and the soil on your property and surrounding areas have billions and billions of sticker seeds – there is no easy, quick, or cheap solution to this difficult weed problem.

Without a doubt, Field Sandbur (stickers) are one of the most difficult weed pests that I deal with. In the 40 years I’ve been in lawn care – It’s been my experience that very few homeowners are willing to put forth the effort required to be effective in controlling this weed. For those few homeowners who understand that effort – and are willing to spend the money, my service can be effective in controlling stickers – but it will take years and continual never ending effort to be successful.

Sticker - Field SandBur